Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Xbox One does carry Logitech Harmony remote compatibility [ F0r00m ]

Logitech announced its line of all-in-one Harmony remotes has been updated with added ability to control the brand-spankin’-new Xbox One. The company revealed on its blog it has been working with Microsoft to ensure compatibility with the new console. 

We’ve worked hard with Microsoft to make sure your Harmony remote would be compatible on day one,” Logitech wrote. 

The My Harmony website has been updated to reflect support for the Xbox One, and this where you can add the Xbox One to your Logitech Harmony remote. Logitech didn’t specify any specific models of the Harmony, so we can only assume most, if not all, are supported. 

Harmony support for the Xbox One is much smoother than past consoles, now Logitech and Microsoft are working directly together. The Xbox 360 was controlled via IR Sensor, and the PS3 and Wii were controlled over Bluetooth. It’s not clear if IR is the way communication is done on the Xbox One, but it seems a bit more streamlined nonetheless. 

Missing on the Xbox One is a media remote like the Xbox 360. A remote from Logitech may be the best route, for now. It won’t help you kill zombies on Call of Duty, but should help when browsing around the Xbox One’s extensive app list or watching the latest on Netflix. 

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